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Sliding Shutters

Whilst conventional shutters are often hinged so that they fold back against a wall when open, this is sometimes not practical due to a lack of space or because of the size of the area to be covered. The alternative is to install modern sliding shutters that take up less space and can be designed and made for different situations.

These are particularly suitable for:

  • patio doors and French doors that are to be covered for privacy and to protect from heat and humidity
  • room dividers, enabling a large room to be separated into different areas or opened up as one area when required
  • large windows or openings where other coverings are not practical
  • wardrobes, to provide easy access to clothes.

They provide attractive and practical solutions to previously difficult problems and are suitable for both modern and traditional styles of décor. With a bit of imagination, and help from Brisbane Shutters, you can create a flexible living environment that will add to the aesthetics and value of your property.

Choose Sliding Shutters for your Brisbane Home

Sliding shutters are of two types:

  • bi-fold that have hinged panels so that, when they are closed, they fold flat against each other in concertina fashion so that they take up little space
  • by-pass, where separate panels slide past each other as they are closed and end up one behind the other in a stacked format.

Your choice of type is really down to personal preference although both run on tracks and, being modern sliding shutters, they run effortlessly along that track and so are easy to open and close. They are available in all sorts of styles, with solid or louvered panels so that, in the latter case, you can have the louvers partly open to let through as much light and air as you wish.

They really are versatile and can be used for all sorts of purposes, both internally and externally. They’re available in various styles so fit in with modern and traditional properties, and there’s a wide range of colours, including natural stained wood, so they’ll match any décor.

Because all our shutters are custom made, you can have exactly the style you want and they’ll fit even the largest of openings as well as those that are awkwardly shaped. They’re also extremely well made from the finest materials so they’ll withstand knocks and last for many years without showing any sign of their age.

In effect, they’re shutters made with traditional values but incorporate all the benefits of modern technology so they’re functionally efficient. The shutters will just slide smoothly with little effort and the louvers can easily be set to any required angle.

If you’re not sure, read our testimonials to see what other people think and check out our gallery to visualise the shutters in your home. If you’re still not 100% convinced, try them in one room, on one window. We’re sure you’ll be impressed, because everyone else is, and will want to go further.

Get in touch to start the process and you won’t regret it.

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