PVC Shutters Brisbane

PVC Shutters Brisbane

PVC Shutters Brisbane

PVC Shutters are an alternative to traditional blinds and curtain window coverings, offering a high quality and durable shutter that is more cost effective over timber or aluminium shutters. PVC shutters add style and value to any home. They compliment and décor and add that perfect finish touch.

Looking like beautiful timber they are made for strength, durability, and performance.  Our PVC Shutters have been engineered with aluminium inserts for extra reinforcement. Moisture resistant material ideal for wet areas and made from Non-toxic materials giving you peace of mind for you and your family.

Save on energy bills with 2 x more insulation than any other manufacturer. Keeping heat in for winter, and keeping the heat out in summer and not forgetting 100% environmentally friendly.


Available in fixed, sliding, multi-fold options and several colours and a variety of finishes to suit any home decors.

We cover the PVC Shutters with a flawless and durable paint finish which will last a lifetime. Available in several colours and a variety of finishes, our PVC Shutters and will blend seamlessly with any home or office decor and are made specifically to thrive in the harsh, UV climate we have here in Brisbane.

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PVC Shutters and what you need to know

Everybody would love for their home to give off a touch of taste and elegance that speaks volumes about your personal sense of style and knack for design. Plantation shutters are the perfect solution and can dramatically change the look of a home by offering simplicity and practicality in beautifully measured lines. However, while some are prepared to save and others have the means to invest when they feel like it, others that are determined to act now always have PVC shutters as a worthy option that will affect the same end result without costing quite as much as wood or aluminium.

Here at Brisbane Shutters, we know what you’re thinking. PVC admittedly comes with a few red flags due to its reputation as a potentially harmful and unreliable material. So, considering the harsh extremes of the Queensland climate, any buyer would naturally tend toward other materials because PVC typically does not perform well when exposed to sustained Ultra Violet rays. These shutters have been known to lose their colour and become brittle, and even last only 5 years.

PVC products are generally mass-produced and it is a fact that this material, which is a synthetic plastic polymer that is made from petroleum, can have a damaging effect on both humans and the environment over time. So, for those who had their hearts set on acquiring PVC Shutters in Brisbane, is it all bad news? Well, not quite.

PVC Shutters with a difference

At Brisbane Shutters, we know a few things about materials. With over 30 years experience with PVC products, we appreciate that they simply will not last, which is why we offer our customers alternatives such as timber and aluminium. However, for those whose budgets dictate that PVC is the only option that will work for them, we encourage you to take a closer look at the shutters here in our store.

Here at Brisbane Shutters, we offer the highest quality PVC shutters that have been tailor-made to suit the extremities of the Brisbane and Queensland weather. These shutters have been engineered with aluminium inserts to ensure that prolonged exposure to heat will not cause them to drop or warp and have a fantastic UV rating, making them the most durable shutter of its kind on the market today.

Past customers attest to their flawless, hardy paint finish and stylish timber look. Best of all, and which should be of most concern to any shopper, is that when you buy PVC products from us at Brisbane shutters, you can have peace of mind that non-toxic materials have been used in their manufacture.

Flexible Solutions With PVC Shutters

When it comes to choice, here at Brisbane Shutters we offer the widest spans and blade options, a choice of several colours and finishes and an easy to clean, energy efficient product that will last a long time and transform your home.

At Brisbane Shutters, we do not believe in hiding details from our customers, which is why we would always encourage you toward alternatives to PVC shutters, however, we appreciate that necessity and economics will dictate what is possible. As such, when it comes to your warranty, rest assured that if you ever need to make a claim, you can be confident that we will fix it.

Get in touch today, or leave your details and we will call you back. A free in-home measure and quote are available to all customers of Brisbane Shutters, so let’s get cracking and cover up those windows with a classy product that is great value for money.

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  • Engineered for strength and long lasing
  • Made to thrive specifically in QLD conditions
  • Choice of several colours and a variety of finishes
  • UV Protected no cracking, peeling, warping, shrinking or colour change from the sun
  • Changeable blades
  • Energy efficient keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Great value
  • Wood appearance
  • Easy clean and maintenance free

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