Coloured Shutters

Coloured Shutters

Whereas shutters were originally used to cover windows to keep out heat and humidity, now they’re used in all sorts of situations and for various purposes. They’re installed both externally and internally, as window or door shutters, as partitions and room dividers, and as covers for various types of spaces.

They’re used in all the rooms in the house and that gives you the opportunity to have various colours that fit in with a particular room. The choice of colours will reflect your personality but can have varying effects on different people. You therefore need to choose your colours carefully in order to create the desired effect and avoid clashes and unintended consequences.

In general, the furniture, carpets and fabrics in a room will determine the colours that are suitable for the walls. They, in turn, will influence the colour of shutters so you need to select in the correct sequence and visualise how everything will fit together.

Choose Coloured Shutters in Brisbane to Set the Right Mood

The choice of coloured shutters will depend on the overall colour scheme of a room and that in turn will be dictated by the type of room and the effect you want to create. Various colours are known to have different psychological effects and can influence certain emotions that range from serenity to anger. It’s important, therefore, that you choose correctly to avoid creating the wrong effect.

Light colours generally make rooms seem larger and brighter while dark ones create a feeling of intimacy. Specific colours have particular characteristics and suitability, as follows:

  • Neutrals, such as black, white, grey and brown can be used as a base colour. In these cases, coloured shutters can be used to liven up a room, with black used as an accent colour, or neutral panels can calm a bright scheme.
  • Blue is recommended for bathrooms and bedrooms because it is a serene colour with a relaxing effect. However, pale blue can appear cold, especially if there is little natural light, while darker blue can cause sadness, so shutters of a warm colour can balance the effect.
  • Red is a high energy colour and is suitable for a living room or dining room since it tends to stimulate conversation. Balance this with paler coloured shutters.
  • Green is a restful colour that is suitable for kitchens and living areas where it encourages people to unwind. Combine it with yellow shutters for cheerfulness or blue to introduce a refreshing element.
  • Orange is another energetic colour and is ideal for exercise rooms where it can be combined with yellow shutters or similar.
  • Yellow adds a touch of sunshine and has an uplifting effect. Whilst not ideal as the main colour, if used on shutters it can add a welcoming feel.

The challenge is to choose shutter colours that will match or complement the main colour scheme rather than clashing and causing the completely wrong effect. Use our colour charts and gallery pictures to visualise how certain coloured shutters will fit in with existing or planned colour schemes in your Brisbane home.

Don’t forget, we’re here to help. We want you to achieve exactly the effect you desire and we can offer plenty of advice on how you can do that.

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