Window Shutter Installation Brisbane

Window Shutter Installation

On the face of it, window shutters should be fairly easy to in stall. For anyone who is reasonably proficient at DIY, installation is a relatively straightforward process. That, of course, applies for regular window shutters, whether installed internally or externally, but not as much for non-standard styles and sizes.

At Brisbane Shutters, we specialise in non-standard because all our shutters are custom made. That means we can make shutters of any style, with varying features and to fit any space, no matter how big or awkwardly shaped. These types of shutters, by their very nature, are not easy to install and so we provide an installation service as part of the package so you can rest assured that your shutters are installed properly.

The easiest type of shutters to install are external ones that are non-functioning; that is, they are acquired for decorative purposes only and are never closed, always remaining flat against the wall.

In Brisbane’s hot and humid summers, it’s unlikely you’ll want this type but will need fully functioning types that you can close when needed and can adjust the louvers so you have full control over the amount of light entering the room, to keep the room cool during the day and to give maximum privacy. Installation in these cases is somewhat more difficult.

Internal shutters are more difficult to install and this needs to be done perfectly. That’s because they are more open to scrutiny and so any mistakes or irregularities will be noticed.

Window Shutters Installation in Brisbane — the Professional Approach

Window shutters are installed for a number of reasons:

  • because they add to the appearance and value of a property
  • to improve insulation so that homes are kept cool in summer and warm on chilly winter nights
  • so that privacy is maintained by preventing people looking into rooms
  • for flexibility in terms of the amount of light that’s let into the room
  • to protect window glass and increase the security of the property.

None of this will be achieved if you buy sub-standard windows and they’re not installed correctly. They’ll look bad and fail to function properly. For these reasons, you really need to buy your shutters from a reputable supplier and have them installed professionally.

At Brisbane Shutters, we provide a fully professional service from start to finish. At the outset, we conduct a full survey where we establish what you want to achieve and measure every window precisely. We’ll provide as much information and advice as you need so you can make the right choice.

We make all our shutters from the best quality hardwood and to the highest build quality. And we apply multiple coats of paint and UV protection so they retain their appearance without cracking, peeling or fading, or we apply stain that enhances the natural beauty and grain of the wood.

Once all that’s done, and the quality of the finished shutters has been rigorously checked, we’ll install them. Since the shutters have been made to fit your windows exactly, whether they have a regular shape or have angled or arched tops, for example, we know they’ll fit as they should do.

Only by using a professional supplier such as Brisbane Shutters can you be certain your shutters will be made and installed correctly. Our shutters will do the job they’re designed to do, will look great and last for years with hardly any maintenance needed.

Brisbane Shutters is a shutter and blinds store based in Brisbane, Queensland. We have a variety of products on sale, from custom plantation shutters to wooden shutters. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.


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