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When first introduced, shutters were purely functional because their main aim was to protect residents from extremes of weather — from hot and humid weather in summer and from cold weather in winter. Consequently, shutters were always white because the colour reflects the solar energy and this keeps houses cooler than coloured window shutters that tend to absorb more heat the darker they are.

All that still holds true today and makes white shutters just as relevant as they were originally. Although many houses have air conditioning and other ways to counteract the heat, white shutters are still a useful means of overcoming excessive temperatures.

White shutters were also popular because they looked good, particularly on the plantation houses where they were first used. That still applies now because white shutters have a timeless quality and look good on almost any property, whether modern or traditional.

Internally, they can fit in with virtually any room decor and have the advantage of still looking good when you redecorate since white goes with most other colours.

White Shutters Are Timeless and Elegant

It’s difficult to beat the elegance of white shutters on any style of property in Brisbane. Whether open or closed, they’re truly stunning and enhance the appearance. And in Brisbane’s hot and humid summers, they do the job in an effective manner by reflecting the sun’s energy before it gets to your windows.

As well as pure white, we offer a number of off-white shades so you can have some variety while remaining true to the traditional colour. All our whites, as well as the other colours we offer, benefit from multiple coats and a UV protection layer so they’ll retain their true colour without cracking, fading or deteriorating in any way for many years to come. All you need to do is wash the shutters down occasionally or wipe with a damp cloth indoors to keep them looking as good as new.

The ability to stay looking good is also due to the standard of materials used and the overall build quality, which means the shutters won’t warp or crack. And because all our shutters are custom made, we can match any shape or size of window with rounded, arched or other types that further enhance the appearance of the white shutters in your Brisbane property.

We can supply shutters in all sorts of styles — as louvered plantation shutters, closed boards or a mixture of panels in high quality hardwood, or as aluminium shutters that are powder coated in white paint. The choice is yours and we help you every step of the way to achieve the effect you want.

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