White Plantation Shutters

White Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters were first developed for the plantation houses of the southern states of America to combat the fierce summer heat and humidity. By tradition, they were always white because that fitted in with the style of the houses and it is a colour that reflects the light whereas darker colours tend to absorb it. Thus, white shutters will tend to keep you cooler whereas dark ones will get hot and are themselves a source of heat.

White plantation shutters also look superb and add a touch of luxury and eleganc to the appearance of any property, whether modern or traditional in style. Even in these days of air conditioning, they can play an important role in helping to keep your house cool, with up to 95% of the solar energy being reflected or absorbed by the shutter before it enters the property. They have a timeless quality and also ensure your privacy when fully or partially closed.

Our plantation shutters are available in a range of whites, from pure white to a variety of off-whites, so we’ll always have one to suit your particular décor or preference. Every shutter receives several coats of paint plus a UV protection layer. As a result, there’s no fading in even the strongest sunlight and your plantation shutters will continue to retain their original white colour for many years after purchase.

Choosing White Plantation Shutters for your Home

Brisbane’s climate can be challenging so getting your plantation shutters from a Brisbane supplier is a sensible choice. At Brisbane Shutters, we ensure all our shutters and blinds are up to the job. We use the finest quality hardwood, which is ethically sourced, and make each shutter to exactly fit your window, no matter how unusual its size or how awkward its shape.

Build quality is of the highest standard and our white plantation shutters incorporate standard and optional fittings that include a tilt control mechanism, control bar, pull ring and locking mechanism. These ensure our shutters are functional and strong as well as aesthetically pleasing.

The use of top quality hardwood, multiple spray painted layers and UV protection means our shutters won’t shrink or warp and the paint won’t crack, fade or peel. That means your shutters will continue to look good and retain their true white colour, whether used internally or externally.

We have so many styles and features to choose from, not to mention the varying shades of white and the custom making of each shutter, that you really can’t go wrong. You can, with our help, select the shutters that are right for you — number and style of panels, optional features, shade of white and whether fitted to the inside or outside of your windows.

Once installed, the shutters will be an integral part of your property and it will be difficult to imagine your windows the way they were. Get in touch with Brisbane Shutters for plantation shutters that look great, keep you cool, enhance your privacy and add to the value of your property. You won’t regret it.

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