Veri Shades Australia

Veri Shades Australia

Veri Shades Australia

Veri Shades are a revolutionary new form of window covering that encompasses the luxurious feel of curtains with the versatility and benefits of blinds.

Veri Shades do not rely on weights and chains allowing you to walk freely through them whether they are opened or closed.

The soft fabric of the Veri Shades hangs elegantly and sways gently with the breeze creating a calming and chic environment wherever they are installed.

With a span of up to 6 meters in length, Veri Shades are perfect to feature across a large opening, whilst allowing maximum versatility and light control of the room.

The secret is in Veri’s unique patented design which creates a versatile window furnishing. It is the only product on the market that can act as both an elegant soft window sheer whilst also allowing a full privacy block out like a curtain.

Extremely user-friendly, with only a turn of the wand you can easily adjust the light levels within any space. Whether you need complete privacy or filtered natural light, the Veri Shades offer you the choice like no other. Check out the Veri Shades Reviews.


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Veri Shades provide the same results as curtains but only take up half the space due to their unique single track set up.

Not only that, the fabric used on Veri Shades is soil and stain resistant and can be easily taken down and individually washed anytime.

Why buy curtains that are notoriously bad for fading when you can choose a lightweight, UV stabilised and fade resistant alternative in Veri Shades.


Available Colours & Fabrics


The Veri Shades have two subtly different fabrics to choose from.

Choose from a modern geometric mesh or a timeless net pattern.


Veri Shades are available in a range of gorgeous and calming colour tones suitable for any home or office aesthetic.



  • Child Proof - Safe for kids and pets, they don’t get tangled.
  • Toxic Free - No PVC or harmful fillers used
  • Stylish & Elegant - Individual fabric folds offer a soft & stylish chic look.
  • 50+ Protection - Perfect for protecting your floor coverings and furniture.
  • Silence - With no cords, weights or connecting chains, Veri Shades are silent, even in a breeze.
  • Versatile - Walk through the shades anywhere when either open or closed.
  • Privacy & Airflow - Have privacy and breeze all at once.
  • Easy to Operate - Motorised options provide a great home automation feature.
  • Easy Care Fabric - Veri Shades are resistant to fading and soiling.

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