Timber Shutters Brisbane

Timber Shutters Brisbane

Timber Shutters Brisbane

Timber plantation shutters are undeniably full of warmth and natural character and offer amazing aesthetic improvements to home spaces and offices alike. Brisbane Shutters only offer the best timber shutters money can buy. Made up of 100% timber hardwood and always sustainably sourced from registered sustainable forestry locations, our timber shutters will last the test of time and deliver a lasting impact on your property. With a variety of paint colours and natural stained tones to choose from, you can be sure to match your new timber shutters to your existing decor.


 Types of Timber Shutters Available

Window furnishings are made from a variety of different materials ranging from PVC, Aluminium, and of course natural timbers, each providing a different look or purpose. Each of our timber shutters are made up of 100% of the same species of timber and come in either a 2-pac painted finish or a natural stained finish. There are two types of timber species that we use and both are 100% organic, renewable and only sourced from sustainable forestry. The best type of hardwood timber shutters you should go for are made from Poplar or Basswood, which are both well known for durability, strength and produces a stunning finish when painted or stained respectively.

Painted Timber Shutters

Our painted timber shutters are made from 100% Poplar which provides an ‘even-grain’ finish and measures an impressive 540 on the Janka hardness scale.  The strength of our timber shutters are due to the makeup being all one species and made specifically to excel in our humid, Brisbane climate.

The secret to our success is in the paint!

Our painted shutters are finished in the same high-quality 2-pack paint that you will find in top end designer kitchens and cabinetry. This not only contributes to an immaculate and flawless finish but also provides superior hardness and flexibility to the shutters, which is a must in QLD.

Our painted timber shutters come with a 15-year structural warranty so you can be sure you are getting the best quality product money can buy.

Stained Timber Shutters

Our stained timber shutters are made from 100% Basswood which offers a magnificent and luxurious, natural-grain finish.  Every piece of wood that becomes a stained timber shutter is physically hand selected, so we can ensure an ‘even grain’ finish to our customers every time.

Our stained timber shutters are made from 100% organic and sustainable natural timber. We take pride in our unique production methods that result in maximum efficiency and minimal wastage from the raw timber we work with.

Whether you choose painted poplar timber shutters or opt for the natural warmth of the stained timber basswood shutters, you can be assured that at Brisbane Shutters, we only provide the very best quality materials and workmanship that money can buy.

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Timber Shutters: The Truth

Timber shutters are a beautiful addition to any home. They immediately bring a sense of inviting and warmth to a room and add character. They also last longer than shutters made out of PVC. There are a lot of shutter suppliers out there, however, are you certain that the products they sell are, in fact, solid timber and not just laminated timber veneer? Unfortunately, this is, in fact, true of the majority of cases. But, what’s the difference, and why should that matter anyway? Well, here at Brisbane Shutters, we come from the construction and manufacturing industries and with 30 years experience in homes across Australia, we know that a laminated timber veneer is the equivalent of the emperor’s new clothes. There’s no real substance there and in the end, you will feel let down. You see, when it comes to these kinds of shutters, disintegration and distortion is inevitable because there is only about 30% of the product made from basswood. So, what you have bought is not, in fact, a solid piece of wood, but instead, a whole mess of different timbers laminated together and wrapped up in paper-thin basswood veneer.

Find The Best Timber Shutters In Brisbane

Our goal at Brisbane Shutters is to offer real products to customers who wish to get value for money. As such, we offer the highest quality timber shutters on the market. Our timber shutters are incredibly strong, will stand the test of time and come with a 15-year structural warranty that further speaks to their quality. In terms of what you can find when you shop with Brisbane Shutters, we have a variety of painted colours as well as natural stains to choose from that will add natural character and warmth to your home. Where production is concerned, we use two specific types of timber species, Poplar and Basswood. Both are known for the stunning finish that can be achieved not to mention their incredible durability and strength. Our unique production methods ensure that we continually strive to operate at a maximum efficiency that results in minimal waste from the raw timber that we source. This is a point of pride for us at Brisbane Shutters because we are fully committed to ensuring that we have the most skilled employees crafting our products, and delivering products that are family safe, toxic free and sustainably sourced.

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Environmental awareness is a major part of our company and brand identity here at Brisbane Shutters. All of our timber is ethically and sustainably sourced, and we believe in crafting timber shutters for Brisbane and Queensland residents that are strong, sturdy and built to last. The benefits of timber shutters far outweigh any concerns about cost, simply because when you choose Brisbane Shutters they are an investment that is guaranteed to last you for many years. They offer a timeless look to your home, they are easy to clean and maintain, they will insulate your home wonderfully in both the summer and winter months and best of all, we can design them to fit any shape and come in a wide range of colours and stains to compliment any room. So, get in touch today to organise a free in-home measure and quote. And remember, when all others are offering inferior products, here at Brisbane Shutters, we’ve got you covered. Read Less


Available Timber Shutters Paint Colours


One of the best things about timber shutters is the fact that you can paint them a huge variety of colours to match your decor or personal style.

Painted poplar timber shutters offer a contemporary and vibrant colour palette that can lift any type of space. Check out the many colour shades and tones below that are available from Brisbane Shutters.

Timber Shutters Paint Colours Brisbane Timber Shutters Paint Match Colours Brisbane


Available Timber Shutter Stains


Likewise, with natural timber finishes, Brisbane Shutters offers a huge selection of different natural timbers stains to enhance the natural timber look and create a warm and inviting appeal to any home or office.

Check out the options below for natural timber stains available when choosing Poplar timber shutters.

Timber Shutters Stain Colours Brisbane


What To Keep in Mind

Buyer BEWARE! Not all timber shutters on the market are made equal! Many shutters that are advertised as Basswood Shutters by big-name companies are not actually solid timber. They are actually laminated timber veneer shutters! What this means is that instead of being made from a solid piece of timber, the shutter is actually made up of laminated strips of a variety of different timbers, and then wrapped in a paper-thin veneer of basswood timber. With this type of construction, the shutter contains only approximately 30% of basswood and is prone to a life of distortion and disintegration. By choosing a painted or stained timber shutter from Brisbane Shutters you can rest assured knowing your shutters are made of 100% hardwood timber, made from one solid piece of timber and of the same species, and made as tough as they come to ensure they last the test of time. Laminated timber veneer shutters

Run for the hills if you see shutters made from laminated timber veneer!


  • Versatile - Timber Shutters can be designed to fit any window shape.
  • Recyclable - Timber is a renewable resource that can recycled.
  • Natural & Non Toxic - Family safe, toxic free and sustainably sourced.
  • Low Maintenance - Timber shutters are a breeze to care for.
  • Made To Last - 100% Hardwood Timber Shutters are strong and sturdy.
  • Variety - Timber can be painted a variety of colours or stained for a natural look.
  • Insulation - Keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Timeless - Timber Shutters offer a timeless design, look and feel.
  • Strong & Secure - Secure your home with quality hardwood shutters.

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