Sliding Window Shutters

Sliding Window Shutters

When You Think Of Sliding Window Shutters

While shutters may appear to be an expensive item, given their timber look, this is not, in fact, the case. In reality, the majority of shutters you see in houses are made from PVC or are laminated timber creations rather than having been made from a solid piece of wood. As such, they are much more affordable than most would think, which is why you are seeing them more and more frequently.

Here at Brisbane Shutters, we offer a wide range of options that can be custom fit to any home. Among our products are sliding window shutters, which can be installed outdoors or indoors. These are most suitable for large windows and doors.

Many folks will immediately think of windows when it comes to shutters, which is understandable, however, a sliding shutter makes a brilliant addition to a bedroom wardrobe, and are a great way to divide up an otherwise large room, without having to incur the expense of building a wall. What’s more, in terms of the latter, this allows you to control the size and functionality of your rooms as you please, and gives you a little more flexibility and allows you to be that bit more creative with your interior home design.

The Best Sliding Window Shutters Money Can Buy

Here at Brisbane Shutters, we can craft sliding window shutters to the specification of any home. We have three main types of material that are used, timber, aluminium and PVC, so our customers can find the product they want at the price that best fits their situation. We know how tricky it can be to find the right product by looking online and so we offer our customers free in-home measure services as well as demonstrations so that you get a complete sense of the types of materials we have, the finishes you can choose from and the variety of styles that are available.

At Brisbane Shutters, our aluminium products are made using 15% more raw materials than anyone else in the business, making them the strongest and most versatile you can buy. Our timber shutters are made from solid pieces of either Poplar or Basswood, ensuring you a product that provides incredible toughness and a natural grain and finishes. And, where PVC is concerned, you need not worry about toxicity levels, because we have taken measures to ensure that only non-toxic materials have been used in our products. Furthermore, our PVC shutters have aluminium reinforcements engineered into the design, which makes them that bit more resistant to high temperatures.

Buy Sliding Window Shutters In Brisbane Today

When it comes to shutters, we at Brisbane Shutters pride ourselves in the knowledge that we offer more than anyone else and at prices that truly offer exceptional value, both upfront and in the long run. We are determined to supply only products that our customers will get a long life out of, and will hold up against the harshest of conditions.

As such, we encourage you to consider our sliding window shutters or just drop us a line, or leave your number and let’s have a chat about your home, and what you want to achieve. Here at Brisbane Shutters, we have solutions on tap and shutters that will keep you and your loved ones covered for many years to come.


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