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PVC Plantation Shutters

The Benefits Of PVC Plantation Shutters

You’re living in Brisbane, Queensland, so you already know a thing or two about UV rays and the need to protect both your home and loved ones against them. However, as we are all very aware, the UV rays we experience in this part of the world are particularly harsh and can wear down the best of products in a short amount of time. PVC plantation shutters are no exception, and unfortunately for a raft of Brisbane natives they have seen their investment warp and drop within a short few years of installation. It’s just not good enough, and despite PVC being known to cripple under the effects of the sun and our at time brutally hot and humid climate, there must be affordable solutions out there somewhere.

Well, as luck would have it, right here at Brisbane Shutters, we offer PVC shutters that are a class above the rest. We are just as aware of the negative connotations associated with PVC and all by-products of petroleum. It is well documented that in time they can have a bad effect on our health and are damaging to the environment. However, with the price of timber and aluminium shutters proving a bridge too far for many people, we believe that a durable, resilient and ethically produced PVC alternative that won’t break the bank is the solution that so many have been searching for.

Brisbane PVC Shutter Advantages

As such, here at Brisbane Shutters, we offer PVC shutters that have been created to offer a high-quality alternative to those cheap, inferior options that have been on the market for years. Our PVC shutters come with an excellent UV rating and a level of versatility that will quickly separate them from any other competitor in the eyes of any customer. They come with a beautiful timber look and have been engineered to incorporate aluminium inserts that bolster their strength and bring an extra level of reinforcement that cannot be matched by any other similar product in the market.

Rest assured that at Brisbane Shutters we are committed to providing solutions to problems, not engaging in or adding to them. This is why when you choose our PVC shutters you can have absolute confidence that they were produced with non-toxic materials. This is good news for you and your loved ones and means that you don’t have to worry that this much more affordable and flexible alternative to timber and aluminium does not come with a hidden, harmful cost.

Our shutters have also been built using moisture resistant material, which makes them ideal for use in the bathroom and they come with a flawless paint finish that is versatile and will last a lifetime. Believe us when we say that in offering PVC products we at Brisbane Shutters do our utmost to bring something that is sustainable and can be sold in good conscience to our fellow Brisbane residents.

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At Brisbane Shutters, we offer a free in-home measure and quotations, which come with a demonstration so that you can understand completely how our products work, and what will best suit your home. We believe that our customers should be fully aware of what they can have and want you to be able to get your hands on the best PVC plantation shutters Brisbane and Queensland residents have available to them.


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