Indoor Shutters

Indoor Shutters

Indoor Shutters In Brisbane

On those scorching hot and humid summer days, there are few things more refreshing than a gentle breeze. The Queensland climate can be very unforgiving, not only on people and their pets but on the materials in your home. We live in a part of the world that registers very high on the UV index so we cannot always go outside or stay outside when things get a little too oppressive indoors. However, by installing indoor shutters in your home, you can enjoy the comfort and shade of your living room, kitchen, bedroom, any room you life, and allow the air through your home without having to worry about security or safety.

Here at Brisbane Shutters, we have been working for over 17 years in the window coverings industry, supplying shutters of all sizes, fits and material types to our fellow Australians. We have the widest range of high-quality products on the market and are ready to drop out to your home for a free measure and quote. Regardless of what your budget is, rest assured that we have options that will make shutters something that you can afford without having to break the bank. And, best of all, when you choose Brisbane Shutters, you get shutters that last a lot longer than any other supplier.

The Types Of Indoor Shutters

Here at Brisbane Shutters, we use Poplar timber exclusively for our painted timber shutters and Basswood timber for our stained timber shutters. Both options are made from organically sustainable timber and we take great pride in production methods that limit the amount of waste and employ the best craftspeople money can buy.

Where aluminium shutters are concerned, we use 15% more raw materials than anyone else in the market, which makes our shutters the most durable and long lasting. They are especially easy to clean, there is no hassle involved with changing the blades and they come in hinged, sliding or bi-fold options. What’s more, at Brisbane Shutters you will find that our aluminium shutters retail for a lot less than anyone else, so why would you choose a product that is inferior and will cost you more up-front and in the long run?

PVS shutters come with negative associations due to the fact that they are by-products of petroleum, which can be toxic to humans over time. However, with this in mind, here at Brisbane Shutters we have taken measures to produce our PVC shutters with non-toxic materials. They have also been designed with our hot, humid climate in mind meaning that they have an excellent UV rating, and are bolstered by aluminium inserts for extra reinforcement. As the most affordable option, with our PVC shutters you are also investing in peace of mind.

Buy Your Brisbane Indoor Shutters With Us

Here at Brisbane Shutters, we believe in delivering a personalised service that educates our clients on the pros and cons of different options where shutters are concerned. We have the best indoor shutters Brisbane natives can avail of, and at the best prices, too.

The testimonials on our site speak for themselves, as do our Google reviews. So, have a browse, think about what you want for your home and when the time comes to create that open, spacious breezy feeling in your home, without having to let any UV rays in, rest assured that here at Brisbane Shutters we have you covered and for less.


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