Coloured Window Shutters

Coloured Window Shutters

Although plantation shutters are traditionally white and it’s still the most popular colour, may other colours are also available. The same is true for other types of shutters where various colours can be selected.

The choice of white was partly because it blended in well with the traditional plantation houses but mainly since it’s a colour that reflects sunlight best and so is most efficient at keeping properties cool. Darker colours, on the other hand, tend to absorb heat but that’s not as important these days when there’s air conditioning and other means of cooling buildings.

Although window shutters are still used for insulation, they’re also installed to provide additional privacy and security, so their actual colour doesn’t really matter as much as it did previously. Consequently, there is now more emphasis on choosing window shutters based on their colour, so that they match or complement a building’s exterior or fit in with the décor of a room when installed internally.

The colours you choose can match your personality, make a statement about a particular room, aim to create a certain style or just be something that suits a specific colour scheme. Select a vibrant colour for warmth and liveliness, pastel colours for a softer feel or stained wood to bring out its natural colour and grain.

The choice is yours but we’ll provide help and advice, if you require it, so you can create just the effect you want to achieve.

Choose Coloured Window Shutters in Brisbane for that Perfect Look

For window shutters, use colours to create a Mediterranean feel to the property or for that coastal look. When installed internally, different colours can be used in each room to reflect the particular décor there.

In each case, you may select a colour that is appropriate for whatever style of shutters you install. Thus:

  • for a café style shutter that covers only the bottom half of a window, you may opt for a creamy colour to create a restful ambience
  • for full height shutters covering a large window or that curve round a bay window, use vivid colours to create a dramatic effect
  • for tier on tier shutters, take advantage of the separate top and bottom panels by having different colours and shades that emphasise the difference.

The choice is entirely yours and you can use your imagination to create exactly the theme and mood you want to achieve. Combined with our ability to custom make every shutter, the availability of a wide range of colours allows an almost limitless range of permutations. It enables you to create a different style in every room of the house or in various areas.

If it’s all too much, we’re available to help you with your choice so get in touch for expert advice at no extra cost. And if you do change your mind or alter your décor in years to come, you can always repaint your coloured window shutters to create a completely different effect.

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