Coloured Plantation Shutters Brisbane

Coloured Plantation Shutters

Although plantation shutters are traditionally white, since this reflects sunlight better than dark colours and also fitted in with the style of the original plantation houses, other colours are available. In fact, we offer a wide range of different coloured shutters as well as the option for stained shutters that bring out the natural grain and beauty of the wood.

Whilst traditional white shutters will fit in perfectly with stone and brick built properties as well as those that are themselves painted white, coloured ones may well be appropriate for other types of buildings. They’re also suitable for internal use where you may want to match or complement a particular colour scheme.

All our coloured shutters are spray painted with several coats of paint plus a layer of UV protection. That means they’re suitable for all kinds of uses. They’ll withstand hot sunshine and humid conditions since the paint won’t fade, crack or peel and will retain its original rich colour for many years.

They’re especially at home indoors, even in bathrooms and kitchens where they’re resistant to moisture and heat.

Our coloured plantation shutters are virtually maintenance free and won’t need repainting for many years. Simply keep them clean and free of dust and they’ll look as stunning as the day you had them installed. And if you do eventually change your colour scheme, you can always repaint the shutters so they continue to match the décor.

Getting Maximum Benefit from Coloured Plantation Shutters

Although plantation shutters will undoubtedly enhance the appearance of your property in Brisbane, the original and still relevant reasons for their installation are to protect you from heat and humidity as well as guarding your privacy.

They will only do that, however, if you choose wisely and carefully.

As well as selecting shutters that look beautiful and will add to the appearance of your house, also make sure they’re well made from the best quality materials so that their good looks will last for a long time.

Choose shutters that are the right style for your windows, whether full height, tier on tier or cafe style if you only need shielding to the bottom of the window.

Decide whether the shutters are best fitted internally or externally, for both looks and practicability. And choose the options you really need, such as a mid-rail, pull rings for hard to reach windows and a locking mechanism.

We’ve been supplying coloured plantation shutters in Brisbane, as well as other types of shutters and blinds, for many years so we can advise what’s best for you and help with your selection. We also custom make every shutter, so each window is measured precisely to ensure every shutter fits even the most awkward of shapes exactly.

We use only the highest quality hardwood, make every shutter very carefully, apply multiple coats of paint and UV protection, and install all our products ourselves. That way, we can guarantee the high standard of the finished job and you as the customer can be sure of the best possible level of service.

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