Black Plantation Shutters Brisbane

Black Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are traditionally white due to the colour’s ability to reflect heat and the fact it fitted in well with the original plantation houses on which the shutters were installed. All sorts of other colours are available, however, and so you can be sure the shutters will match or complement the external appearance of the house or the décor of individual rooms if installed internally.

One of the colour choices is black. Although somewhat unconventional, this gives a truly dramatic appearance and can be really effective in the right situation. Black plantation shutters can provide a startling contrast to white or light-coloured walls, or can complement darker shades to great effect.

Before choosing black shutters, however, study carefully the effect of the colour and how it will work in its chosen location. It’s best to obtain an image of the property exterior or the individual room where the shutters are to be fitted before going ahead. If the choice does ultimately prove to be unsatisfactory, or you tire of it at a later stage, it’s not a disaster.

You can always repaint the shutters to a different colour although choosing right in the first place will avoid some unnecessary work.

If black does prove to be a step too far, we have lots of other colours available and can also stain the wood to bring out its natural colour and grain.

Nevertheless, black is an option that will create an unusual or dramatic effect, so it’s well worth considering it as a colour if you believe it will fit in with and enhance existing or planned décor.

Black Plantation Shutters for your home in Brisbane

Installing black shutters inside or outside your property makes a statement about you and your home. However, it’s not a common choice and it will be quite unique, and no doubt a talking point. If you do go ahead, you can do so safe in the knowledge that all products from Brisbane Shutters, irrespective of style, material or colour, are of the highest quality.

We use the best materials we can obtain, thoroughly assess each client’s requirements and custom make every product to the highest build standards. We also include options and functionality to make the shutters easy to use, effective and secure. The result is a product that fits perfectly, works as it should do and will last for years with little attention needed and with no loss of functionality or good looks.

Prior to manufacturing, we also advise you on your style and colour choices. Consequently, if we don’t think black plantation shutters from our Brisbane plant will work, we’ll tell you so.

It’s not in our interests for our customers to be disappointed with the product once it’s installed so we will give you our honest opinion and advice. Nevertheless, it is your property and ultimately it is your choice, so we’ll go with whatever you decide.

Whatever colour you go for, you can be fully assured of a product that will look great, last for many years and do whatever you want it to do. And, unlike the Model T Ford, we supply lots of colours as well as black.

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